Bozena of Rynska forced the choice to file for divorce

Божена Рынска вынудила избранника подать на развод Within six years of relationship with the blogger the man was married. Now Bozhena Rynska said that her partner decided to part with his wife. Fans wished the couple happiness.
Божена Рынска вынудила избранника подать на развод

A well-known journalist Bozhena Rynska’s not hiding anything from the fans. The young woman often openly expresses their opinion about certain political and social issues. However, this time the star decided to tell about the major changes in his personal life. As it turned out, beloved blogger, with whom she meets for six years, all this time he was married. According to the writer, this delicate situation, it has confused, and so the man decided to file for divorce.

“Hello everyone, I decided to release an official press release. Better if we say, than someone beat us to it. Six years with Igor Malashenko, I lived in a somewhat sticky situation when he was officially married to one woman, and lived a civil marriage with me. Fortunately, the situation was resolved. In Cheremushkinsky court in mid-January, a lawsuit was filed about divorcing Pivovarova Elena” – written by Bozena in the social network.
Божена Рынска вынудила избранника подать на развод

For many fans of the blogger her statement was a complete surprise. The fact that the novel Rynska Malashenko for anybody was not a secret. Celebrity couple often appeared together on secular receptions, Bozena and sometimes even shared a touching shots in social networks.

Fans of the journalist hastened to congratulate her on her resolution of a sticky situation. According to them, the star will be able to try on the bride’s attire.

“Bozena! I’m glad the decision was made,” “This is a very important event. You and Igor are a great couple and I hope that all works out for you”, “Good news, but why announce it all? There must be personal space”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the blogger.

Recall that the first news about the relationship Bozena and Igor Malashenko appeared in February 2012. The journalist is quite long refused to comment on the situation, preferring, in an interview to discuss career issues.

Igor Malashenko is known as a political analyst and journalist. He stood at the origins of the TV channel “NTV” and for several years held the post of its Director General. Wife Malashenko Elena Pivovarova has not commented on the situation. The couple has two adult daughters. Apparently, their relationship ended many years ago, and during all this time the man just did not officially divorced.