Boyfriend Shakira confirmed that he intends to marry her

Бойфренд Шакиры подтвердил, что намерен на ней жениться
Gerard Pique and singer dream is to have more children.

Shakira and Gerard Pique

During the show “Pomeriggio Сinque” on Italian television on Gerard Pique, who doesn’t usually like to talk about his personal life, suddenly
talking. He shared his impressions about his love story with Shakira,
fatherhood, and also spoke about plans for
wedding with his beloved and mother of his sons.

For a start, the famous
a footballer has told how he met Shakira. In recognition of the Peak, this
the story began 6 years ago. Then was in full swing in preparation for
the world Cup, and Shakira recorded the song that became the anthem of this
competitions. “I and several players accepted the offer to appear in the video to
this song. And when I met Shakira, between us immediately “slipped
Iskra”. We started to exchange SMS-mi. So it all started…” he told Gerard.

Speaking about Shakira, Pique not
sorry for her the most flattering words — he calls her “the best mother
which could only dream children,” and “amazing singer”… besides, as
says Gerard, he’s with Shakira identical views strongly on
everyone, including family. As told to the Peak, although currently in their house
older two still very young children, they have to think about the future
the extension of the family. “We would like to have at least three, and
better — four children. Personally lamictal on my daughter.” — admitted the football player.

Recall that Shakira gave birth to
The peak two sons. Senior Milan this winter marks four years, and
Junior Sasha is not even a year and a half. However, when the host of the show asked
Gerard, when he finally married with his beloved and mother of his
children, a novel which continues for more than six years, he replied
evasively. “Marry, of course. In the future…” it Sounds like, good. The problem
that Peak is exactly the same answered questions about his matrimonial plans
three years ago…