Boyfriend Marina Afrikantov refused to acquaint her with her parents

Бойфренд Марины Африкантовой отказался знакомить ее с родителями Roman is taking his time. The young man explained that his mother was not the most sociable person, and besides, she doesn’t like Marina. She hopes that when personally meeting her can change a woman’s opinion.

Marina Afrikantov happy in the relationship c a young man Novel Kapakli. Despite the age difference, they are perfectly find a common language with each other. However, the guy is in no hurry to introduce her to his family. In turn, Marina has managed to provide Roma parents. According to Africanoboi, the young man really liked her mom. The novel went to St. Petersburg, where his loved ones. The reality show participant was not offered the sweetheart to keep him company.

“When I raised the issue that I want to go to Petersburg, Roma said, no, my mother is a very private person. She has no friends, she’s unsociable, few people are allowed near to him. Roma had been strongly against Dating. I decided that I would go alone. I offered to go along, but I stayed in the hotel… We were fighting, he didn’t want me to take,” – said Marina.

Recently Roma have a birthday party. The young man decided to thank my mom, because she gave him life. Party telestroke left a touching post dedicated to a friend, on the personal page in a social network.

“On this day I want to congratulate you, beloved mother. After all, it was the day you gave me life. Thank you for the needed attention and care. We don’t know what I would have become if you weren’t around in those moments when there was nobody. I am sincerely grateful to you for everything. Love you, mom” – wrote a novel.

Afrikantov would like to prove a relative Capably that it absolutely is not what the woman could see it in the editions of the reality show. During one of the conversations with face to face the Roman said: the mother was against its communication with a striking blonde. “She was invited on the show, she refused,” – said Marina in a conversation with the portal “”.

We will remind, some time ago the Roman and Marina survived Creasy in the relationship. Kapakli vinyl in this situation, a friend of Marina Maria Kohno. According to the guy, she adjusted her against him. “The lifestyle that like Kohno, not suitable my girlfriend. Mary pulls the Marina at the bottom. But let the beloved to come to this and I think over time all will understand,” said the boyfriend Africanoboi in an interview.