Бойфренд Кэти Холмс дал актрисе повод для ревности
In relations of the actress Jamie Foxx has been a crisis.

Бойфренд Кэти Холмс дал актрисе повод для ревности

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx


Recently cloudless relations Katie Holmes with her boyfriend has been
serious problems. Jamie Foxx for the first five years of their relationship gave Katie a reason
to be jealous. It all started with the fact that the paparazzi photographed Jamie during his meeting with
Christine Grannis. Although the Fox has never stated officially exactly who begat
him his two daughters, according to the existing
information, the mother of his youngest, eight-year-old Annelise is Grannis. In principle, there is nothing “criminal” to communicate with his mother
your child. However, Fox did not say anything to Katie about his intention to see
with Kristin and then I saw the pictures taken by the paparazzi in the media…

And after that, told her friend shocked Holmes, she discovered in
loved the phone conversation with Grannis, from which he learned that over the past
time they saw each other again. When Katie demanded that Jamie’s explanation, he began to make excuses,
claiming that he talked to Christine about their shared daughter. However, Holmes noticed that his correspondence with Grannis was born not in the business,
and quite playful…

Now, apparently, Fox will have to try hard to regain the trust
favorite. And after a couple of weeks ago all they had, as it seemed, just
well… Recall: from last autumn Katie and Jamie, who five years
met in secret, no longer hide his affair. The first time they openly
appeared together in public in August, when walked together arm in arm at
the beach. And then started to go out together as a couple, and on the official

Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis