Boyfriend Jennifer Lopez told about the secret “sins” of the singer

Бойфренд Дженнифер Лопес рассказал о тайных «грехах» певицы
Roman Lopez and Rodriguez received an official confirmation.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Photo: @promistorytellersofficial Instagram

a recent TV show, The View, the 41-year-old retired baseball player Alex Rodriguez confirmed that it really is associated with
Jennifer Lopez romance. In response to
the question of what feelings he’s experiencing in relation to the 48-year-old Jennifer Rodriguez
admitted: “It’s obvious! We are very good together, she’s amazing
girl. Besides, I rarely meet people smarter than her, not to mention
I admire her: she’s so caring towards his children!”

short time that passed since the beginning of their affair, Alex managed to get close to
Jennifer, and now he knows not only about its merits, but also on small
weaknesses. It turns out that Jennifer, who is so concerned about her figure in every way and cultivates the image of a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, not
always manage to control my love of chocolate biscuits and an ice-cream
chocolate chip…

But everything
the rest of Alex Lopez seems to be just perfect. Alex had already
to introduce her with his family: his two daughters from ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis 8 — year-old Ella and 12-year-old Natasha and
with her sister Susie Demand. Moreover, Lopez is excellent with everyone getting along, and suzy she calls her sister-in-law. And Alex, in turn, had
make friends with the twins Emma and max — children of the singer from her ex-husband Mark
Anthony. And now friends Lopez waiting for that in the foreseeable future will be announced
the engagement of Alex and Jennifer.