Бойфренд Дженнифер Лопес купил для нее самолет
Alex Rodriguez is preparing for the engagement with his beloved.

Бойфренд Дженнифер Лопес купил для нее самолет

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez


The other day Alex Rodriguez boasted a new
purchase. He bought for his beloved big gift for Christmas is a real
the plane! Alex, who, as previously reported, in the near future plans
make your favorite Jennifer Lopez
a formal proposal made this
purchase with a very specific purpose. He wants to have the opportunity at any time
to deliver a 48-year-old Jennifer to any point of the Earth – where she want to.

In fact, Rodriguez already was before
aircraft Lear Jet60, but
he could fly at one gas station not too far away. So Alex from him
disposed of, and instead acquired another Gulfstream IV
who is able to two times more distant flights, just for they conceived
travel with Jennifer. Another plus
the acquisition of Alex, the fact that the aircraft may be obsessed to 13. After all
Rodriguez and Lopez for two or four
children. Jennifer — 7-year-old Max and Emma — twins Jennifer from her
third marriage with Marc Anthony. And Alex has two daughters from his ex-wife
Cynthia Scrotes. Moreover, all the children have already managed to make friends that consider themselves
one big family.

We will remind, the first time Lopez
and Rodriguez seen together in March 2017, although, as you say
friend of the singer, before that she secretly met with him some more
months. As for their debut,
as a couple, at a formal event, it took place in the month of may. It was
the annual Met Gala ball in new York, where she appeared with her
boyfriend. Since then, Jennifer and Alex were practically inseparable. As
recently admitted Lopez, she is convinced that Alex is her soul mate. “We
Alex understand each other on such a deep level, as I could not
even with anyone!” – said Jennifer.