Бойфренд Гвен Стефани хочет отсудить у таблоида миллионы
The scandalous publication, told the world that the elect of the singer is an alcoholic.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Photo: Splash News/East news

Gwen Stefani managed to tell the whole world about how she’s in love and what
a wonderful person — her choice is Blake Shelton. However, as it turned out,
not all in the same love from her boyfriend 46-year-old singer.

For example, the tabloid “In Touch” recently published an article, which the authors
argued that Blake, first of all, a womanizer and cheated on for many years now-ex-wife — Miranda Lambert. Questionable behavior of beauties he brought to the family nest — of course, when the wife was away. And secondly, according to the tabloid, Shelton is a chronic alcoholic and secretly, ostensibly, have several times visited the clinic, trying to recover from a harmful addiction. The extent of his drinking, as recognized by the authors, are seriously worried friends of the actor.

Shelton all charges denies. He even filed for “In Touch” in
the court, expecting to receive from the publishers of the tabloid no less than 2 million. However,
lawyers edition are determined. They reminded Shelton that before meeting with Gwen Stefani he not only tried to conceal their
addiction to alcohol, but even deliberately cultivated its image as a “cool” guy who loves hard drinking. Shelton himself was sent to speak for themselves SMSes to friends. For example, one of them read: “Only
woke up, only 11 in the morning — how early I got up! Looks like it’s time to drink!”

the publication also said that a staff that captured last year’s holiday
singer in Mexico, where he is pictured in an extremely bad condition. So
Shelton, it seems, not too many chances to win the process against the newspaper.

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