Бойфренд Джорджа Майкла заявил о реальных причинах смерти певца

25 December 2016 at his home in London died by George Michael. The official cause of death was heart failure. His boyfriend Fadi Fawaz has decided to tell the true causes of the death of the beloved, that until that moment, carefully concealed by the family of the artist.

Edition of the Sun has gained access to a series of letters in which Fadi revealed the cause of death, saying that in the death of Michael’s own fault. As said, the boyfriend of the artist, to a successful suicide attempt was four. Before Fawaz’s body was found, the singer was already dead as the day.

Fadi decided to tell the whole story. The tragedy happened on the birthday of beloved mother of George. She died in 1997 after a long battle with cancer. The singer was very upset by the death of the mother and not by accident passed away exactly on Christmas eve. “Let me say that the tragedy happened on the birthday of his mother. It’ll just give the answer to some questions. Not to mention five attempts to commit suicide. I think it’s important for history,” wrote Fawaz.

George himself admitted that thoughts of suicide not once visited it. To get over a loved ones was very difficult for the performer. After the death of his mother, the desire of suicide escalated, and before that he was affected by the death of his uncle and grandfather, who themselves took his own life. “I was like in a black hole, all the time slept. Some days even had trouble to put one foot in front of another. I think I could be one of those cowards who chose for himself this bad,” Michael admitted in an interview after mom died.

We will remind, in the 53 year of life from heart attack has died the famous American singer George Michael. This was announced to the shocked audience, the singer’s Manager, Michael Lippman. He said that morning he received a call relatives of the singer and said that he “lies peacefully in bed.” Obviously, George passed away in his sleep.

According to the publication Billboard, version is with a sudden cardiac arrest has become a key. Violent death and exclude the relatives of the artist, and law enforcement officers.
My condolences on the untimely demise of the actor spoke Liam Gallagher, Ryan Adams, Elton John, mark Ronson, the mayor of London Sadiq Hani others.
Recall that the star George Michael broke out in the 80s years, in the 2000s came the years of neglect, but only music. The artist still regularly fall on the first page of Newspapers, but that was due to problems with the law. Insiders claim that the singer was planning a spectacular return to the stage. The following year he planned to release his new album. Not yet.