Boyfriend billionaire introduced amber heard with their sons

Бойфренд-миллиардер познакомил Эмбер Херд со своими сыновьями

Ex-wife of johnny Depp amber heard not long mourned a divorce with him. The young divorcee found someone to comfort. The star of “the Rum diary” cry on the shoulder of the billionaire Elon musk, who, as sources tell the long and hopelessly was in love with the actress and was waiting for their relationship, their friendships become more serious.

For a long time neither amber nor Elon did not reflect his novel. The pair met in secret, trying to hide from the omnipresent journalists. But recently, Hurd and Musk has decided that it makes no sense to hide the relationship and told about them. However, this pair did too unusual. They simply ceased to hide their feelings for people. So, the press appeared the that heard sitting next to Elon, and on his cheek visible trace of lipstick after kissing her.

Today, the media got new footage of the couple. It became clear that Elon is very serious about young actress and have even managed to introduce it to their children. Together with his sons Musk has flown to Australia to heard. There the actress is at work on the continent is shooting a new film featuring amber – “Aquaman”.

Hurd, Musk and his children had a great time. For more safe Dating Elon decided to bring all the wildlife “Currumbin”.