Boyfriend Anna Semenovich requires stringent conditions

Бойфренд Анны Семенович диктует ей жесткие условия A famous singer talked about his second half. In recognition of Anna Semenovich, she is happy in a relationship with a mysterious man. Details about the second half of a celebrity chose not to share. According to the artist, it’s a request of her lover.

Singer Anna Semenovich not among those who willingly shared with fans details his personal life. The singer prefers to keep it secret from the public. Concerned fans of the actress regularly ask her questions about the second half.

Recently, Anna decided to clarify the situation to avoid a new wave of gossip. S. appealed to the subscribers during the broadcast, wanting to dot the “i”. In recognition of the celebrity, her heart is occupied, however, the choice of the singer does not want to attract too much attention. Semenovich was sympathetic to his request. So the star isn’t posting pictures of her boyfriend in social networks.

“I want to tell you that I’m happy in my personal life. But it and personal to about it not to spread. I respect the desire of my men are not to be made public. My relatives are not guilty that because of my profession and I’m known. It was my choice, but not them. I have great respect for them and I ask you also to respect…

I will tell you a lot, but not about privacy. I hope we are friends, you understand me. So don’t be offended that I you do not show your man or his family. It is their biggest request,” – said the artist.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the civilian husband of Anna Semenovich Ivan Stankevich was suspected of fraud. According to journalists, the man is now in Cyprus, and he has already issued a citizenship there. But a spokesman for the star denied the speculation about her relationship with the businessman. In fact, Sobyanin broke up with Stankevich couple of years ago. “We parted by mutual consent and has maintained good human relations,” – commented Anna “StarHit”.

In a recent interview, the singer hinted that her heart is occupied. About the chosen one Anna Semenovich not much is known. Apparently, he is very seriously against the singer – actress said she plans to experience all the joys of motherhood. While Anna did not rule out adopting a child from the orphanage. In the future, star would like to have two heirs, one of whom may be receiving.

In recognition of the mayor, it is quite a long time growing up, so later came to thoughts about motherhood. Only now the star has finally felt ready to create a family.