Boyarsky denied rumors of divorce

Боярская опровергла слухи о разводе

Elizabeth once again stopped all the talk about the failed parting with her beloved husband. The actress assured that her family reigns idyll.

Since the beginning of the week in the media and theater lobby talking about the sudden parting of actors Elizabeth Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev. Colleagues of the spouses confirmed the rumours that circulated for several months (read more here).

However, the actress once again stopped all the speculation regarding their relationship with the spouse. Lisa made it clear that divorce is not mentioned, they with Maxim Matveev very happy.

Boyar was indignant that the press is not the first time there is a story about her parting with her husband. Each time a completely baseless, fabricated and false from beginning to end. The artist does not understand that this time was the catalyst for the tabloids, and she’s sorry that I have again to say that does not require review.

“When we with Maxim were married, we lived in the two cities. We are now settled in Moscow, but still, several times a week I go to St. Petersburg, back and forth, together and separately – it does not matter. And it will continue until until Maxim is an artist of the Moscow Art theatre, and I am an actress of the St. Petersburg Maly Drama theatre. We have very tight schedules, we don’t go to events, preferring to spend time at home with the baby, we don’t wear wedding rings – it is generally a personal matter,” explained Boyarsky HELLO.RU.

I must say that family life Liza Seigniorial and Maxim Matveeva many haunts. Pair they are quite closed and your personal life never advertise. However, it is sometimes necessary to clarify, as she did now.

Recall Boyarskaya and Matveev met in 2006 on samples of the movie “1612” by Vladimir Khotinenko, where eventually both withdrew. According to nobles, they immediately liked each other, but did not dare to meet. But, as they say, from destiny will not leave. The actors saw each other again after four years to shoot the picture “Not to say” and a year later got married. Two years later the couple had a son, Andrew.

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