Boyarskaya and Matveyev threw a noisy party for son

Боярская и Матвеев закатили шумную вечеринку для сына Heir acting pairs reached five years of age. Liza Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev noted the birthday of Andrew in the noisy company of friends-artists. Guests had fun in the fashion capital restaurant.

      Боярская и Матвеев закатили шумную вечеринку для сына

      Actress Liza seigniorial and Maxim Matveev her husband don’t like to let fans into personal territory, rarely and very carefully tell the public about his family life.

      However, on the day of the birth of his only heir the star couple made an exception, telling that marked the fifth anniversary of Andrew’s son, inviting friends with children in a fashionable Moscow restaurant STAGE at the Vernadsky Prospekt.

      However, the star wife shared with just one shot, but it is possible to judge that the party was a lot of fun.

      “What a great company! Here it is friends! Children’s party on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of our Maxim Matveev treasures. Children and parents too, I must say, do not miss! Thank you for coming, dear!” – signed a joint with friends a selfie Lizaveta knights.

      “Five already?!! Wow! Congratulations from the heart, health, smiles, joy!”, “For five years? How quickly time flies! Health, happiness, joy, and all earthly and heavenly blessings”, “it’s Time for her daughter! Happy birthday son. Nice to see so many beautiful and pleasant heart of people, actors!”, “Congratulations your treasure with a small jubilee! You are cool, and some of his in this photo!” – responded to members of the Boyar to the message on the occasion of his son.

      Among the guests of the little hero of the day Andrei Matveev was a solid celebrity. Marina Alexandrova, Svetlana Ivanova, Yulia Peresild, Jan Sexta, Daria Moroz. By the way, the last published in his microblog some photos from the holiday, showing how cool and from the heart it was fun children.

      Боярская и Матвеев закатили шумную вечеринку для сына

      The heirs of the actor’s families were entertained. There was a fire show, paper show, and outdoor games with jumping on the trampoline. The kids were all excited about allowing it to come off in full.

      Боярская и Матвеев закатили шумную вечеринку для сына

      By the way, Elizaveta Boyarskaya not so long ago said that for the welfare of the family moved to Moscow from St. Petersburg. Liza Boyarskaya sacrificed himself for family

      It is therefore not surprising that the birthday of the son of Andrei Boyarskaya and Matveev was celebrated in Moscow. Apartment in the capital the couple purchased in 2013. However, in the hometown of the actress spends a lot of time, she comes here to shoot and to visit her parents.