Боярская и Матвеев показали сына: он совсем на них не похож

Woman’s Day find out why Lisa was hidden for so long the face of his child.

Son of Elizabeth Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveyev was lit in Instagram. And it does not merit nosy paparazzi! Photo 4-year-old Andrew in the social network posted the wife of the actor Veniamin Smekhov – Galina Aksenova.

In this photo, Elizabeth is arm in arm with her father Mikhail Boyarsky, Veniamin Smehova and Ksenia Rappoport. While Lisa touching hugging four-year-old son Andrew, who is clearly embarrassed by what is happening.

Photo was taken immediately after performance “Three sisters” in the St. Petersburg Maly drama theatre before leaving Boyar to Moscow. Now fans are wondering who you look like star offspring: mom, dad, or maybe his legendary grandfather? Many thought that the four-year Andrew is more of a copy of his grandmother, actress Larissa Luppian.

However, something in the boy and from Pope’s Maxim Matveyev. Just look at the actor at the age of 4-5 years. Look at the father and son exactly alike! You yourself can find the similarity a little Andrew with his star of the family – for this, we searched the archives and found baby pictures of all the relatives star offspring, from moms and dads to grandparents.

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In fact, Lisa claims that it was not hiding the boy from the public. But doesn’t want him to “Shine”, because example knows what it’s like to be a child of a famous artist.

“Dad was at the peak of popularity when I was born. And for me, that at some point it became a real meal. We with Sergei (the older brother of Elizabeth – approx. Woman’s Day really dragged on television. And I’m always asked: “Girl, you want to be an actress when you grow up?”

You dressed up in dresses, tie bows, put in a chair… So wanted to run and do their business, play. Not to be a child on the show, admitted Elizabeth Woman’s Day. And I decided my child from all this fence. Let my son be a normal, human childhood, without all the tinsel. Because for me, it was in some degree of childhood trauma. I’ve been through, now think about it with humor. But then I was not laughing”.