Матвеев и Боярская обсуждают пополнение в семье The actress admitted that she spoke with her husband about adopting a child. Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev total foster son Andrew. However, the pair still dreaming about children.

      Матвеев и Боярская обсуждают пополнение в семье

      Popular actress Elizaveta boyar nearly four years ago for the first time became a mother. The actress gave her husband Maxim Matveev son. The boy was called Andrew.

      Despite the fact that now Elizabeth, and Maxim participated in many shootings, they are trying every spare moment to spend with her son. The couple are trying to distribute the survey so that one of them was always near the boy. Despite the fact that an artist’s very busy schedule – constant filming, the performances, and the participation in various projects, a couple wants to give birth to more children, but does not exclude that can take a child from the orphanage.

      “Yes, we discussed this issue. I dream to take the child from the orphanage and I think that in the future we with Maxim will do it for sure. But until we have such a busy schedule that we’re on the education problems. Everything has its time,” said Boyarsky.

      Despite the fact that little Andrew is in the family of public people, parents try to protect the boy from prying eyes. Now the son of Boyarskaya and Matveev almost four years, but parents are not willing to represent it to the public. The most recognized Actresses, she grew up surrounded by the increased attention of journalists, so understands how hard it can be to a child, and tries not to deprive the child of his son.

      Elizaveta Boyarskaya proud of his successor and noted its striking mental ability. She noted that the boy already knows how to count, read, and even began to learn English, which sometimes is not can children six or seven years. According to her, the son makes a startling success, and therefore are completely ready to go to school next year. Boyar Matveev doing everything possible to develop the child’s ability.

      “We bought a children’s learning computer is not to break from their child. Andrew is engaged on the computer only with adult supervision – it is I, Maxim or grandparents. No more than two hours a day. In this case we explain to Andrew that modern technology is only a part of our lives. Live human interaction is always more important than communication gadgets,” said Boyarsky in an interview with portal Дети.Mail.ru.

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