Мальчик или девочка? Букмекеры ставят на ребенка Собчак

Pregnancy Xenia so excited the public that the bookies asked people to guess who is born to lead, and at the same time to capitalize on this.

Until then came progress (in the bad sense of the word)! If the earlier bets were made on sports competitions, football matches, now the owners of playgrounds have encroached on the personal lives of stars. So, one of the bookmakers decided to make the first-born Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan.

Yes, pregnancy is the leading topic is a burning. Ksenia is so cleverly hides its position that the public can’t wait for the autumn, when, if you believe the rumors, Ksenia and should have that. Adding fuel to the fire and the fact that Sobchak information about the upcoming addition does not refute, but only intrigues more and more free outfits.

How was She surprised when I found on the Internet news about betting on your future baby!

“The air smelled of easy money! And even spammers that advertise “black mask” no longer seem so…” wrote the indignant host.

The company, started the story with the rates on their website placed enticing preview:

“It’s no secret that socialite and controversial journalist Ksenia Sobchak is pregnant. For the past month fans of the star discuss her interesting position. According to close friends, Susie and her husband, actor Maxim Vitorgan, the girl is in her sixth month of pregnancy: star couple waiting for replenishment in late October. Give Xenia if your husband son or daughter? Place your bets!”

Those wishing to participate are invited to guess not only the floor, but the height and weight of the unborn child. Answers will be accepted until October 25, the bookies suggest that she give birth in this period.

The news of the early betting has excited fans leading. Some write that there is nothing terrible, put the whole world on the child of Kate Middleton. Why not earn some money on Chad Sobchak?

Others believe that it is time for people to recover and stop thinking only about money.

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