Borodina Buzova and arranged a double date with their husbands

Бузова и Бородина устроили двойное свидание с мужьями Presenters went to the concert in the company of men. Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova decided to rest together, two families, and had fun at the concert in the company of their spouses, Dmitry Tarasov and Kurban Omarov.

      Presenters of the popular reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina decided not to give up not only at work but also during rest. So, the girls went together to the concert. Olga and Ksenia started to upload numerous videos from the event, where they sing along to favorite songs. However, fans could not help but note that the girls were not alone there. Borodina Buzova and came accompanied by their spouses, Dmitry Tarasov and Kurban Omarov.

      “You know where we are. How can we live without each other to live a day”, – wrote in his microblog Olga.

      Fans never tire of admiring the fact that Olga and Ksenia’s such a strong family. Despite the fact that TV presenters a lot of time giving careers, their spouses are sympathetic to work their chosen. Fans were somewhat surprised that the two families are so friendly that even vacation together, and the men of Xenia and Olga communicate with each other.

      “Such happy looking and happy eyes!”, “Well done my friends”, “God Forbid that always families were friends, that’s cool,” happy for fans of the TV presenters.

      Published video Olga Buzova (@buzova86) 17 APR 2016 11:55 PDT

      Recall that Borodina Buzova and constantly share with your followers, family snapshots, proving that their relationships with loved ones are all well. Olga Buzova, for example, regularly arranges for the wife of footballer Dmitry Tarasov, surprises, and on his birthday decided to surprise. The TV presenter has rented the football field, where in strict confidence – blindfolded – were brought into the midnight sister Buzovoy. Tarasov was struck by the resourcefulness of his wife. But he always tries to please his beloved. Fans consider the relationship of Olga and Dmitri almost perfect, but constantly ask questions, when the happy couple have his own heirs.

      And in the family of Ksenia Borodina not so long ago occurred happy event – at the end of December they became parents. Was born the beautiful daughter of Theon. Despite the fact that she not only cares about the baby, but the eldest daughter Marusya, she perfectly manages to combine both career, family and a rich social life. Literally a month after the birth of Borodino was already out of the maternity leave.

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