Borodin was first published with her husband after reconciliation

Бородина впервые вышла в свет с мужем после примирения

And told how, in her opinion, should be the perfect couple.

Their little marriage is like a roller coaster. Then argue, then reconciled. Was just about to divorce did not come! But, fortunately, She and her husband Kurban Omarov managed to survive the first test, and maintain relationships.

However, despite the fact that reconciliation has already occurred two months ago, during this time, two pair is not published. “Happiness loves silence”, – explained Xenia, they say, surviving a breakup, she realized that there is no need to gush.

And yet girls are girls. Well, we can’t sit at home. So She persuaded the faithful to go out with her working corporate. So, for the first time after the reunification, the pair appeared in public at the presentation of the new season of channel TNT. Xenia and Kurban gently hugged and posed for photographers.

Here only could She think, looking at her happy photos with her husband, fans of the stars will not rejoice, but rather, attacked with accusations! “How could you forgive infidelity?” – outraged one. Others have done even more sad insights: “How much noise was because of the divorce! Still, it was a PR…” Ksenia, unable to withstand such pressure, decided to respond to everyone:

“In today’s world many start a relationship with a list of requirements for your partner. The ideal man should be a woman like this. I don’t know how to be a man and what a woman should be. But I know for sure that it is not perfect. And certainly not the best, – expressed his point of view, the leading “House-2″. — And these two owe nothing to anyone. They’re just people. He’s just the man I want to go. She’s just a woman that wants to love.”