Бородина переступила через свои принципы ради Бузовой
The conflict of the two stars of “House-2” has exhausted itself?

Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Social Networks

Last year relations Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina noticeably cooled. Former best friends ceased to call each other on birthdays and walking together on the same secular parties. Now two leading “House-2” is found only in the work. Xenia never came to Olga to its support, and social networks hinted at some kind of betrayal of a former close friend. There were rumors that Borodin was jealous of the success of Buzova, for which the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov turned very popular.

“Sometimes you need to spend even years but I will never be close to hypocritical, lying, traitors, rolling stone, insincere, silly, and most importantly — people, who in addition to benefits in the eyes and heart is nothing. Dummy! But pity, nothing to experience them do not want and can not, — wrote Ksenia in social networks. I will always give the last close, know all of mine, I will always extend a helping hand, I know how to make friends, to experience with the people closest to me, know how to listen and hear, but never in addition to shoulder me from my loved ones did not need anything. We made each other feel… I Have friends, colleagues, partners and so on – they can all be different, but this does not mean that we are close friends, though I respect them!”

But on the eve of Ksenia “got over myself” and came to the concert Olga. Borodin even came on the scene to her friend and handed her a bouquet of red roses. She came to the concert with her husband, who calls himself the “hot fan Buzova”. It seems between the two stars of TNT, the truce. Although, social networking can meet the comments of witnesses who claim that Xenia spent the whole concert with a critical expression on his face and allegedly went there just to make fun of Olga.

However, the scene Borodin responded very well to work Buzova: “I think, without further ADO, here are these people who are “your people” and came today — is proof, you’re such a badass!” Incidentally, she also sings, however, is that only in karaoke clubs, but who knows: maybe in the future Borodin wants to repeat the success of his girlfriend?