Бородина больше не страдает из-за развода

The presenter showed how having fun.

The famous TV presenter “House-2” it is easy going through a divorce Kurban Omarov. Perhaps, the girl only pretends that he is happy and having fun, and maybe, she really had suffered a personal tragedy.

Whatever it was, but she really looks happy in the last video in his Instagram. The TV presenter was shooting himself in the passenger seat of the car, the mother of two children had fun and sang a song. Who was driving is unclear. Maybe Kseniya having fun in the company of a friend, and maybe this is a new fan so cheer Borodina.

The movie star is signed: “And there is no time of day more beautiful than the night…”

Video published borodylia (@borodylia) Jul 30 2016 3:14 PDT

Recall that the marriage of TV presenter and Kurban Omarov did not last year. They got married 3 Jul 2015 and 22 December of the same year the couple was born the daughter of Theon.

Now Eid and Xenia are engaged in the divorce process. Interests leading the court to represent a well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky that, in particular, deals with the Affairs of stars of Russian show business, such as Philip Kirkorov.

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