Borodin has released a collection of sports costumes

Бородина выпустила коллекцию спортивных костюмов

The presenter returned to the world of fashion. She presented a new collection of clothes under the brand Store by Ksenia Borodina.

After fashion business Ksenia Borodina ceased to exist because of disagreements with partners, star in a while took a break from the fashion world. However, the desire to use my design skills still overpowered. In early November 2016 in sale the new line of clothing called Store by Ksenia Borodina.

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First, Borodin had released a small line of sports costumes. In the collection of two models in different color variations. It includes two types of sweatshirts and pants in sporty style.

“Now a lot of sports, because this is true, and also because on the Russian market this is not enough at all. I love sports, but this does not mean that we confine ourselves to the costumes, is all we are working on this with my team,” – said Borodin in his Instagram.

Fans of the stars were delighted with the new creations of Xenia. However, there were also dissatisfied. The fact that the price of one suit amounted to almost 7,000 rubles. Some of the customers said that the clothes design Ksenia Borodina not afford them. “If you want to buy, you have to collect the money. The cost of the costume is almost half of the s. p.,” reads one of the comments.