Borodin got a tattoo in honor of the youngest daughter

Бородина сделала тату в честь младшей дочери

Now on the hand of the presenter is forever imprinted name of the baby.

Tattoos in the star environment is a widespread phenomenon. Someone on the body sealed the motivating phrase, someone has drawings or signs that are understandable only to their medium, someone figures, reminiscent of an important bottom, and the other names, sometimes their second halves, but most often their children. Alena Vodonaevoy, for example, on the arm, “Bogdan” it is written, ISA Dolmatova – “Sammy” on wrist, David Beckham at all on the body all of his four children recorded. Yes, and Ksenia Borodina, by the way, one hand already busy with the name Maroussia. Now on the second hand appears tattoo, this time in honor of the youngest daughter Teona.

“Big day, your name on my arm”, – said Ksenia picture of the future tattoo.

Apparently, so, Borodin decided to prepare for the approaching in their family holiday next week, December 22, Theon will be the first year. Fans supported the Xenia in her decision and she asked me to show off the result. Some, incidentally, very interested in the font that the presenter chose to write his daughter’s name, and they hope that Ksenia will also tell you more and also share the contacts of the master. Because tattoo in honor of kids is popular not only among stars but also ordinary people. Many moms want to commemorate this important day the birth of their babies.

This tattoo will be the third on the body Borodina. In addition to the inscription “Mary”, which she made after the birth of her first daughter in 2009, ankle presenter still adorns the drawing in pen form.