Borodin for the first time wearing a bikini after giving birth

Бородина впервые надела бикини после родов

Almost a year leading “House-2” show the figure on the beach.

22 Dec 2015 Xenia and Kurban Omarov daughter, Thea. Immediately after birth, leading took up the figure and began to sweat in the gym. After a couple of months Ksenia looked perfect, however, afford a skimpy bathing suit leading are only now.

After the birth of her second daughter Borodina quite quickly returned in your wardrobe of mini-skirts and dresses, revealing slender legs, but to show the area of the stomach was in no hurry. The girl, as before, trained hard, and, apparently, sports load, finally gave the desired result.

Now Xenia with her husband, children and friends resting in Arab Emirates and happy to share with subscribers images of summer.

Especially fans liked the beach photo where She for the first time, posing in open bikinis.

“Ksenia, you’re awesome! What a figure! Has changed a lot, well done!” write girls.

And they could not agree, the photos Borodin looks amazing in it and will not suspect the mother of two children.

Xenia, keep it up!