Бородина и Омаров демонстрируют семейную идиллию Well-known presenter posted a touching photo. It seems that after a period of family quarrels Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov reigned long-awaited peace. The couple spend time together, taking care of children.

      Ksenia Borodina again looks happy in the photos that she posts on Instagram. It seems that the leading “House-2” opened a new page of his life, having survived the recent crisis in relations with the spouse, Kurban Omarov. In confirmation of this, the reality star shared with fans a new snapshot on which she and her husband demonstrates the family idyll.

      Photo Ksenia and Eid al stand side by side, bent over his little daughter Thea, who is sitting on the swing. The filled with love and tenderness. Concise signature Borodina includes only one word “we.” Standing next to emoticons in the form of hearts.

      Joy to fans after the publication of this picture was not the limit. Followers leading literally melted from the poignancy of the moment. After all, they’ve waited so long for a new joint photo of Xenia and Kurban. Now, finally, there is no doubt that the family was reunited.

      “Class! Good that good, good girl”, “take care of yourself. Happiness love peace! Well done”, “God Give You happiness, understanding and love”, “Boy, Xue, you should be able to forgive”, “Anything can happen in life, most importantly, no matter what, stay together” – supported Borodin devoted fans.

      We will remind, some time ago, the family of the businessman and the leading went through a difficult period. Borodin has publicly voiced claims to a spouse, and even going to divorce him, after the evil tongues her told her about his infidelity. Kurban managed to prove to his beloved that he didn’t cheat on her.

      Husband Ksenia Borodina will be tested on the lie detector

      After the conflict Borodin and lobster realize that family relationships should be based on mutual trust and love. The pair has made every effort to restore peace in the family. So, the businessman devoted much time to raising children. In particular, lobster loves to babysit her daughter Theon, entertaining her as he can. “With the advent of life has acquired new colors, now all the attention our large family belongs only to her,” – said the happy father a few months after the birth of her daughter. The older children of the spouses from a previous marriage, Mary and Omar are also very friendly and love little sister.

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