Бородина и Омаров воссоединились ради детей

However, only for one night – on the birthday of the eldest son of the family Pynzar.

It seems that in the relationship Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov already placed all points above i. The presenter clarified and finally admitted that Kurban caught cheating.

The hostess of telestroke time stopped all meetings with her husband. But if Eid and wanted to see his daughter (the couple was born the youngest daughter Thea), she asked the nanny to bring Thea into the street.

But it seems that the days of meeting of the former lovers still held. And the reason for that is the birthday of the eldest son of the family Pynzar, where both were invited with children: Ksenia Mara and Eid with his son Omar.

Subject, the eldest son Darya and Sergei was five years old. And the parents had a big party with teenage mutant ninja turtles, transformers and a bunch of Goodies. The children were delighted to be photographed, ran away from the robots and shot guns.

But most fans were surprised by the overall card with the man of moment. The photo was immediately recognized and Omar, and Mary. And the guys next to the table and smiled.

It is not known whether on holiday with their parents or children brought nanny. In any case, members noted that Kurban and Xenia are doing the right thing not forbid children to see each other. They were very friendly.

“This decision smart people”, “it’s Nice that adults disassembly not affect the children,” praised fans of Ksenia and Kurban.

Meanwhile, Ksenia has already filed the divorce papers. And trusted to conduct their business well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.

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