Бородина и Омаров закатили вечеринку по случаю воссоединения

But at the same time celebrated the day of birth is one of the first…

A party for friends Ksenia and Eid spent in one of capital restaurants. One of the first this news was unveiled Olga Buzova, colleague and friend is Ksenia Borodina.

“At the birthday party of our friends with Dmitry Tarasov. Eid, happy birthday! Xue, thanks for a cozy family evening. The main thing in life – love,” said Olga Buzova in Instagram and put a photo from the celebration.

Earlier Ksenia Borodina publicly congratulated Kurban in the social network. The media personality has written a touching congratulation wife and confessed her love for him.

“My husband, today is your day. Happy birthday to you, my good. All I wanted to wish you, I did it myself! Just want to say thank you for our daughter, which has United us for life, enveloped us with love, and now I love every minute spent together. Everything you have outlined will come true I believe in you, love,” admitted Borodin in the microblog. And then thanked its subscribers for their support for her during a temporary separation, with the Eid and happy that she was able to make peace with him.

“Thank you all for your support and understanding. Especially those who are not condemned, but genuinely happy,” – wrote Ksenia.

Some time ago, recall, Ksenia Borodina told fans that she intends to divorce Kurban Omarov because of his infidelity. The presenter even hired a lawyer who would be able to help her in the divorce process (read more HERE).

But, fortunately, the situation was resolved, and the couple were able to reconcile.

Xenia and Eid were married in July of 2015. And in December of the same year the couple was born the daughter of Theon (Thea). For both the girl became the second child. Borodin from his first marriage with businessman Yuri Budagov daughter Mary, and Kurban from a previous relationship, had a son Omar.

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