Борис Ельцин готов воспитывать ребенка Ольги Ефремовой “StarHit” learned the details of the novel by the grandson of the first President of Russia and actress. Olga Efremova returned to Moscow with his son Arseny and spends a lot of time in the company of Boris Yeltsin-younger.
Борис Ельцин готов воспитывать ребенка Ольги Ефремовой

Recently it became known that the 36-year-old Boris Yeltsin, the new girl. She was the bearer of a famous name – Olga Efremova. The affair broke out in the spring. Olga and Boris at first we were just friends, and then are unable to control her emotions…

Surprising is the fact that in July last year, Olga Ephraim married Italian marketer Alessandro Blue. The couple have one-year-old son Arseny. According to the actress, she is also this spring I broke up with her husband. Olga Efremova married

“Olga furious energy, she needs a drive, – told the “StarHit” designer Anna Lipyavko. – With her we met this spring. I was planning another photo shoot to our wedding boutique Wonderwhite, wanted to hold her in Rome. But just the day models are not given a visa. Urgently began to look for a replacement, issued the call in Facebook. Olga responded. It was not just a beautiful girl, but also a professional actress. Besides, she lived in the port town of Anzio – from which to Rome’s doorstep. The survey was conducted with her and her husband Alessandro. It turned out great! Olya gave it your best. It was her first modeling experience and the last shooting with her husband”.
Борис Ельцин готов воспитывать ребенка Ольги Ефремовой

Olga Efremova loves to travel: she visited different countries, he is fluent in English.Alessandro and they met during one of these trips. Both was licking its wounds from a previous relationship. The young people fell in love with each other, broke out between them the novel, and a year later, Olga became pregnant. Blue moved his girlfriend in his home town of Anzio. Accustomed to an active and busy life Ephraim soon got bored in the province.

“Olga told me that always wanted to live either in Rome or in London, says Anna Lipyavko. But the husband in Anzio, his family and their own homes. It became more and more pull to Moscow. Especially in Italy, it was not popular, but after our shooting again cheered and decided to go home, to go to auditions”.

The actress flew to Moscow this spring. The child was taken to her grandmother in the cottage, and she started working issues and also to meet with numerous colleagues and friends. Then there was a fateful meeting. Ephraim fell in love with Yeltsin. Soon Olga and Boris introduced each other to their eminent relatives.

“The man took Olga, and he was ready to raise her child, – told the “StarHit” surrounded by couples. But what do you say to a husband who remained in Italy? Olga planned to return there in September. Alessandro is not aware of her plans and what she wants to settle in Russia. Olga on the one hand very happy and on the other, suffering.”