Boris Yeltsin adopted son of Olga Ephraim as a native

Борис Ельцин принял сына Ольги Ефремовой как родного
Recently, the public found out about the affair, Boris Yeltsin Jr. and Olga Efremova.

Борис Ельцин принял сына Ольги Ефремовой как родного

Young people have long been close friends, but later broke out between them feelings.

What is surprising is that last summer she married Italian Alessandro Blue. The couple grows a year-old son Arseny.

“The man took Olga, and he was ready to raise her baby, said friends of the couple. But what do you say to a husband who remained in Italy? Olga planned to return there in September. Alessandro is not aware of her plans and what she wants to settle in Russia. Olga on the one hand very happy and on the other, suffering.”

Recently Olga admitted that broke up with the father of her child and happy in a new relationship.

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