Борис Щербаков помог жене в борьбе с раком In 2006, the spouse of the actor was diagnosed. Neither the guidelines nor his wife, I do not like to talk about it. However, Tatiana Bronze, still admitted that her husband really cares about her, and now she feels well.
Борис Щербаков помог жене в борьбе с раком

“In richer or poorer, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health” — the words of the marriage vows for Boris Shcherbakov and his wife Tatiana Bronze strict principle, which they followed for 45 years of marriage.

Twelve years ago, Tatyana Vasilyevna was diagnosed with the actress found a malignant tumor. Boris Shcherbakov does not hide the illness of his wife, but also to share the details in a hurry. In the program of the TV channel Russia-1 “hi, Andrew!” Bronze told myself about myself.

“I have several years seriously ill. Cancer is cancer. And husband really cares about me. Boris is my hands, my legs, my eyes, without him I just don’t think my life is,” said Tatyana, the wife of Boris Shcherbakov.
Борис Щербаков помог жене в борьбе с раком

The program was devoted wives sex symbols of Russian cinema. Bronze told how she met her future husband than he won her heart and why she forgave his infidelity. The couple had always shared with each other the most cherished, put in the forefront your friendly, incredibly close relationship.

“Over the years was passion. With some I even now communicate. I forgave you because I love you. If I ever felt that between us no love, I would have gone,” — said Tatiana Bronze.
Борис Щербаков помог жене в борьбе с раком

Remembered wife Shcherbakov and how I got acquainted with the beloved man. They met while studying at the theatre Institute. She saw him in the Dorm, and the first thing he said to her – “let’s live together.” It was a fateful joke.

At that time Tatiana Bronze was married, but Boris Shcherbakov was not discouraged. He has been actively courting for a girl and already on the second year young people have started an affair. In 1977, the young family was born a boy. Vasily Shcherbakov studied to be a lawyer, and then decided to follow the footsteps of his parents and graduated from the directing Department of VGIK.

Now they spent all their time together. Tatiana supports her husband in all things, because the popular artist always needs care. Fans do not get tired to admire the harmonious Union Shcherbakov and Bronze, which could not destroy nor treason, nor a disease.