Борис Невзоров озвучил причину серьезных ссор с наследницей The actor claims that he wanted only the best for daughter. Boris Nevzorov was strongly opposed to Pauline realized his dream. The actor admits that he promised the girl dreams about the scene, to block all paths to a creative profession.
Борис Невзоров озвучил причину серьезных ссор с наследницей

Famous actor Boris Nevzorov friendly with his youngest daughter Pauline and loves two grandchildren Lev and Zakhar, which gave him the heiress. However, in this stellar family has not been without conflicts and misunderstandings in the moment when Polina Nevzorova announced that he wanted to become an actress. The girl longed for the stage, because both her parents were artists.

But Boris Nevzorov has strongly opposed the choice of his daughter. “Daddy said over my dead body, – has told Polina Nevzorova in the program “While all houses”. – He warned that close to me all the way, wherever I went to study to be an actress”. “Yes – confirmed Boris Nevzorov. – I told her that I got clout and I’ll make sure all doors are closed. Good wanted!”

The actor insisted that his successor must first obtain a good education, and then to become the person he wants. It is not excluded that Pauline would go against the will of the father who after the tragic death of the little girl’s mom, actress Anastasia Ivanova, brought up his daughter alone. But the fate of Pauline decided only one sleep. “Can’t say goodbye: what happened to the actors who played in the cult film

Борис Невзоров озвучил причину серьезных ссор с наследницей“Mom, I almost never dreamed, and then, when I was in tenth grade, had a dream to me an angel came down to the way the mother said: Pauline, I beg you, be a doctor. And woke up this morning I announced that I was going to go to medical,” – said Polina Nevzorova.

Now Pauline, who never wanted to devote himself to medicine, works as an otolaryngologist. She has a wonderful relationship with her father and his new wife.

The actor is happy in fourth, civil, marriage with Elena Hripunova, who works in the accounting Department of the Maly theater, where now is Boris Nevzorov. Fiancee of famous actor younger than his 25 years, Helen of 42 years, Boris – 67. In an interview to television Elena Khripunova has admitted he still hopes to give your man son or daughter. “In my opinion, all normal women want children from a loved one, – said Elena. But until we get. I try not to dwell on it. Know that there are artificial ways, but I don’t want, and Boris, too, do not accept it”.

Despite the fact that Nevzorov during the ten years of civil marriage, and decided not to make his beloved a proposal of marriage, relations between spouses are very touching.