Boris Moiseev on large debts: “This is bullshit”

Борис Моисеев о крупных долгах: «Это бред сивой кобылы» The artist commented on the recent Network information. According to Boris Moiseyev, detractors trying to tarnish his name, telling about financial difficulties. The singer is even willing to provide a report with paid utilities.
Борис Моисеев о крупных долгах: «Это бред сивой кобылы»

In the Network appeared information about the fact that the singer Boris Moiseev is experiencing financial difficulties. As reported by one of the publications, the man does not pay utility bills and forget about taxes. Besides, the actor could not deal with the debt for an apartment in Latvia, so in the case of Moses is now engaged in the bailiffs.

According to the list made up of the Jurmala city Duma, Boris does not pay taxes on March 31, 2015. The laws of Latvia on the property of Boris can be seized and it will have problems when crossing the border.

“StarHit” contacted Moses, to understand the situation. The singer was confused with rumors and called the information disseminated slander.

“This is bullshit. I resent that about me spreading such rumors – that I have cancer, I someone have something. In early June, I arrived in the town and paid for a communal flat in the year ahead, as well as pay the land tax. If someone has doubts about my ability to pay, may request from the management company copies of the receipts, everything is indicated. And the like, by the way, you can find online, all debtors are in the databases, I was not among them,” – said Moses “StarHit”.
Борис Моисеев о крупных долгах: «Это бред сивой кобылы»

Soon the artist starts a new project. 63-year-old singer, who suffered a stroke a few years ago, regularly consults with doctors about his health, and recently decided to help others who find themselves in a similar situation. According to pop stars, he plans to open the solution center, where it will undergo rehabilitation other patients.

“There will be a pool and room to practice yoga, and a meeting room for warm conversations – I will share my experiences with guests of the center. It is also planned to hold meetings and Skype conferences with experts,” said the singer.

Beloved artist Adele supports it in this case. At the moment Moses is looking for a place to rent in Moscow, as well as negotiating with future employees. According to star, soon they will launch an advertising campaign on the Internet and will announce the prices for the services.