Борис Моисеев увлекся занятиями йогой Coach artist picked up for him a personalized program. After a stroke, which the singer suffered in 2010, he tries to be attentive to their health and leads an active lifestyle and eats right. While on holiday in Miami the man asked for help.

      Борис Моисеев увлекся занятиями йогой

      For anybody not a secret that the artists can’t afford to relax even on vacation. Going abroad, the stars are watching their diet and physical activity no less than in the working period. Not an exception and Boris Moiseev. Recently the artist returned from Miami, where he was on vacation. Went to sun city the favorite of millions at the invitation of the lover, business lady Adele. There, as in Moscow, he was actively engaged in themselves. The artist visited the pool for the shock in 2010, a stroke of Moses to be careful with your health.

      “I took apartments in the heart of Portofino tower,” said Boris. – Walked on the beach, read… And then decided that I wanted to do yoga, because I heard a lot about its benefits”.

      As a coach, Moses has hired well-known specialist Michael Collins. “We practiced for an hour and a half every morning,” says singer. Talking about his success, Moses said that at first he failed to perform any of the asanas, but after a while he trained. He liked it so much that he plans to continue yoga at home.

      Beloved singer in awe of his new Hobbies, and hopes that it will benefit him. We will remind that already more than 20 years of Boris Moiseev and Adele Todd has close relationship, and they try to hold together all the important dates and holidays. And in December 2014 the singer prepared for a sweetheart a very special gift – the artist has acquired her property in the tallest skyscraper of the world Burj Khalifa.

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