Boris Livanov: “We will get married”

Борис Ливанов: «Мы будем венчаться» Maria Golubkina and her partner have openly declared their relationship. The actress said she is ready to change in life. Love the stars it will also be a second marriage. According to Boris Livanov, the family decided not to divorce twice.
Борис Ливанов: «Мы будем венчаться»

Actress Maria Golubkina became the main heroine of the program “million dollar Secret” with Leroy Kudryavtseva, which made a sensational statement. She’s not alone, and nine years after divorce with Nikolay Fomenko re going to create a family. Maria Golubkina: a failed marriage, years of loneliness and upcoming wedding

In the Studio program to support his beloved came the chosen Golubkina. They found Boris Livanov, the son of a famous actor, by his role of Sherlock Holmes Vasily Livanov. The man said that he and Mary are going to marry. As it turned out, the relationship lasted for almost a year, but familiar to Maria and Boris since my student days. “I went to the Shchukin school – remembered Maria Golubkina. 25 years ago I went up to him and said, “hi. I know who you are, you’re going to be very difficult.”

Boris Livanov admitted that he only recently realized that all these years he was in love with Mary. Son of Vasily Livanov found a new love

“Mary was charming and unattainable, because she had friends older and smarter than us, – said Livanov. – I always really liked. And with that pure, clean feeling, I came to visit her, to articulate the idea of a single project. But within fifteen minutes I forgot about the purpose of the visit. I understand why twenty-five years Mary did not go from my mind. It turns out that I was in love”.
Борис Ливанов: «Мы будем венчаться»

According to Maria Golubkina, her past doesn’t scare her fiancé. Boris Livanov spent several years in prison, he was accused of killing a man. He was married, had a daughter. Moreover, the actress is convinced that her new relationship would have pleased the famous actor Andrei Mironov, her stepfather whom she considers her father. “He would take my fiance, already the tables would be covered,” said Maria.

She also said that already had time to introduce their son and daughter to Boris, and he introduced her as his heiress. Familiar actress with the parents of the elect. Both Maria and Boris believe that the marriage that they create will last in their life. “In our family, second marriage lasts at all until the end,” said the man, adding that he and Maria will say the vows before God. Golubkina, in turn, said that did not believe in the sincerity of the feelings of Boris Livanov.

Борис Ливанов: «Мы будем венчаться»“Love? Wants something from me? I cared for him? On the neck I want to sit down?” that’s what I thought – said Maria Golubkina. – And then evaluated – he’s a smart, beautiful, talented, parents abruptly my will. He can finger click, and there will be girls and he chose me. And then I decided that this is my last time”.