Boris Livanov spoke again about the wedding of Maria Golubkina

Борис Ливанов вновь заговорил о свадьбе с  Марией Голубкиной
The pair were reunited and started talking about living together.

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Boris Livanov and Maria Golubkina after his recent public fights back together. The fact that the couple is now undergoing a difficult period of “grinding” to each other. Lovers that are preparing for the wedding, then announce the breakup. Maria admits that their contradictory behavior is explained by the complicated characters. They both are violent and fight each other for leadership of the pair. Sometimes they manage to agree with each other, and sometimes not.

Livanov does not lose hope that one day he will be able to marry Maria. He told me recently that neither he nor Golubkina, and not taken from the Registrar’s office filed. Now, when I finished another storm of passions, Boris does not exclude that still in the future play with Maria’s wedding. “We started to find out who in the house is the owner? Therefore, the statement remained in the registry office. Perhaps we will return sometime in the future. The fate of the show and time,” says Boris.

However, regardless of whether Lebanon will issue and Golubkina their relationship or not, Mary is filled with gratitude to the actor for what he helped her sort out everyday problems. That he told Golubkina to move from a large country house in an apartment in Moscow, and the mansion to hand over to new tenants. The actress admits that since her children grew up to be one in a large dwelling for her was unbearable. Repair in a Studio apartment, which Mary inherited from his grandfather, was the target of the program “a Perfect repair”, which under the leadership of Natalia Barbier embodied the dream of Golubkina.