Борис Ливанов откровенно рассказал о том, почему расстался с Марией Голубкиной
According to the son of Sherlock Holmes, the words about marriage were spoken prematurely.

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Boris Livanov
openly commented about the breakup with Maria Golubkina.
In his opinion, the words about the wedding and subsequent wedding were pronounced
Mary under the influence of emotions. This was the son of the legendary actor Vasily Livanov
told in a candid interview with the magazine “Caravan of Stories”.

feelings, but in forty five years, do not rush to a whirlpool with a head. We should all
carefully weigh, — said Boris. While we with Masha have decided to take a pause and
time broke up. The Golubkina going through tough times. It
rehearses the role of Empress Anna Ivanovna in the performance “the Crystal Palace”
soloists of the Bolshoi theatre. The play complex, with elegant costumes,
the stunning scenery. Masha is preparing seriously, she needs to focus
to be in solitude. The extra excitement and experiences to anything. We can
to talk all night and in the morning she had to go and give complex
the rehearsals. So I decided to separate. Our relations are built, crumble, crumbling —
built. And so every day. We are both very emotional. Casually thrown
the word and begin to work like two transformers: two hundred twenty volts in there
three hundred and sixty back. Sparks fly! In this dispute never associated with
life, only attitudes: women who used to command,
they always come into conflict with the attitudes of men. I am very grateful to Masha for days, lived nearby. But we are adults.
Behind the euphoria, there comes a sobering understanding of what you need to solve
a lot more mundane problems. You can’t be in a state of
flight, so you can go crazy. Ever still have to go down on
the earth.”

on the eve of Boris
Lebanon shocked the public by publishing on the Internet a message to her
the bride Maria Golubkina. “I solemnly swear that plotting is just a prank, and
the prank was a success! — he signed the movie of the famous film “Harry Potter
and the prisoner of Azkaban”. — Be happy, my dear Mary!” Fans of the actress
alarmed: “How is the wedding going to be? But why? Why do you do it
need?” — they were indignant. Mary, confirming the fact of breaking up with his
fiancé, declined to comment, explaining, which leaves the last word
man — that Lebanon should disclose the details of their breakup. “Let all
Boris will tell you if he wants,” she said wearily by telephone.