Boris korchevnikov will lead to Orthodox channel

Борис Корчевников возглавит православный телеканал The showman will soon take on new responsibilities. This was stated by the General Director of the channel “Spas” Boris Kostenko. According to the man, he has long been familiar with the star TV, which will begin work in the near future. Representatives VGTRK have not commented on recent media information.

Today in the media appeared information that the TV presenter Boris korchevnikov got a new position. This was reported by General Director of Orthodox TV channel “Spas” Boris Kostenko. According to the man, it should happen soon. Specific terms, when korchevnikov will assume his duties and lead the channel is not yet known. The founder of “Savior” Patriarch Kirill noted Kostenko, endorsed the candidacy of showman.

“StarHit” asked for more information to the representative of TV channel RTR. “We do not comment on the news,” – said the press-attache Maxim Kranin.

Note also that at the moment Boris korchevnikov continues to work in the show “live”. Fans of the leading waiting for an official statement from representatives of the channel and programme that would have clarified the situation with his supposed care. “StarHit” phoned to Boris Korchevnikov, but he declined to comment, citing the fact that busy on the set.

Boris korchevnikov leaves the “live”

“This decision was taken by the founder of the channel. We have long been familiar with the YouTube Koschevnikovi likely I will become his Deputy and he will begin this work in may. About whether he will stay on the channel “Russia 1″, I can’t say anything”, – said General Director of Orthodox TV channel “Spas” Boris Kostenko “StarHit”.

Earlier, the media actively exaggerated the information that Boris korchevnikov decided to leave the program “live”. Showman himself and the representatives of the channel has refrained from commenting about the data generated in the Network. It was also alleged that the place colleagues is Dmitriy Shepelev. Called and the specific terms stated that the reshuffle will take place this spring.

After the press released information that Shepelev will replace Korchevnikov, in a Network having lively discussions. Fans of Boris couldn’t believe that he’s leaving the beloved transmission. Some of them speculated that korchevnikov decided to stop shooting in connection with health problems. Nevertheless, the representative of a showman these conjectures are not confirmed.

Change the leading “Live” provoked a fierce debate

We also add that Boris korchevnikov is a believer. In his microblog regularly shares leading publications that reflect his Outlook. So, in February of this year, Boris announced that it has expanded its collection of icons. “I came home to a new Saint. Martyr Abraham… This rich and very successful entrepreneur was not Russian, he converted to Orthodoxy and will not forgive him. And the relationship with him I have is this: were I in Bulgar through nearly 800 years after his death. In the cosy, far from the centers of wooden temple for his name, and learned there the priest father Vladimir Golovin. He told me that in the spring a few words. And all I fell into place in my life. And went differently,” wrote a man in Instagram.