Boris korchevnikov triumphant return on the “Russia 1”

Борис Корчевников триумфально возвращается на «Россию 1» The presenter is preparing a new author’s program, dedicated to people with interesting lives. Shooting the first episode of will be held at the end of the week. The representatives of the channel confirmed the “StarHit” information about the launch of the project.
Борис Корчевников триумфально возвращается на «Россию 1»

In the Internet appeared the announcement of the recruitment of extras for the new TV show “the Destiny of man,” which, according to preliminary data, leading Boris korchevnikov. Filming will take place on 28 and 29 September in the vicinity of the metro station “Academic”.

It is reported that the program will be owned by a famous TV host. For extras, viewers need intelligent appearance, aged 20 to 60 years, dressed in smart, neat clothes.

The focus of the transfer will be people with unique and interesting lives. “Studio guests entertainment TV shows have become stars of the first magnitude,” say the team leaders of extras.

Борис Корчевников триумфально возвращается на «Россию 1»

On his return in the air “Russia 1” Boris korchevnikov said during an interview with Andrey Malakhov at the meeting in the framework of the festival “Man and faith”. The representatives of the channel confirmed the “StarHit” information about the launch of “the Destiny of man.” Details about the new transfer will be announced later.

Recall that in may, Boris korchevnikov became the General Director and producer of “Savior”. The appointment of journalist the head of the Orthodox television channel was approved by the Patriarch Kyrillos, as reported by its official representatives.

At the end of August korchevnikov announced that he is leaving the talk show “Russia 1” “live”. The place of the TV presenter took Andrei Malakhov, who had gone from “Let them talk”. In the first episode after the summer holidays, Boris gave a Frank interview to the peers. He spoke about his work on the Orthodox TV channel and shed light on the personal life. In addition, korchevnikov found the strength to talk to about the surgery to remove the tumor. “What happened to me, it’s not cancer. Not Oncology. Of course, there was a lot of hype on this subject. In the press, especially in recent days. A lot of lies,” shared Boris.

Andrey Malakhov called Boris Korchevnikov on straight talk

After some time the man became the hero of the program is Timur Kizâkova “When all the houses”. The recording of transmission was the home of Boris Korchevnikov. During the dialogue with the famous TV presenter who now works on “Russia 1”, it told about people and explained why he prefers to live with his mother Irina Leonidovna.

“This is my home – shared korchevnikov. – This small apartment in the center of Moscow convenient for me because everything is close, and I don’t drive the car. And I’m not going to move. Takes a lot of time work and all this fuss”.