Boris korchevnikov spoke about the betrayal of his girlfriend

Борис Корчевников высказался о предательстве любимой девушки The presenter has failed in his personal life. Boris korchevnikov doesn’t hide that still single, but dreams of a big family. The man is sure that someday will find happiness in a relationship.
Борис Корчевников высказался о предательстве любимой девушки

Boris korchevnikov is rightly considered one of the most popular TV presenters of the country. He is working on several gears, and at the same time to do charity work, regularly visit the Church and chat with friends. The only thing that man lacks is time — is to privacy.

In a recent interview korchevnikov admitted that in the past he has been disappointed in the opposite sex. However, about the problems he tries not to remember.

“I have a life before I got to know God, and then. Here the life to the Church, happened the betrayal of friends, the girl was in love. All corny. When I got to know God, my environment began to change very much,” said the presenter.

Now Boris alone, but did not shy. He is sure that happiness itself will find it. The man lives with his mother and tries to help the family.

Korchevnikov ready to move out of his father’s house, but only after getting married. He is not interested in casual relationships, and most of all an artist wants to fall in love once and for life.

“I think that authentic experience is the love of one woman all his life. Have you noticed the age of people who have lived together their whole lives? This is kind touch of God, the incredible tenderness of men and women. When you look at two elderly people and they offer you some kind of third world: in them there is neither him nor her. They are both doors to some beauty, something transcendent” – shared the opinion of Boris.

Another dream of the head of a large family. The man is sure that children are the main wealth of the person, and therefore he wants to have multiple heirs. However, while korchevnikov’t met the right one. That is why he devotes all his time to the work. Boris is working on two television channels runs a number of popular projects.

According to the presenter, creative activity is not due to a desire for profit, and striving for maximum professionalism. Korchevnikov believe that he has room to grow. That’s why he tries to develop every day to learn something new.

“Mom sees me rarely. I come home only at night, a lot of projects. I now have everything working, corporate. Apartments, cars, telephones and novels too. We are all here on a business trip. And nothing of their own,” said korchevnikov.

In an interview for Boris admitted that he is not in an active search. He believes that love itself will come to his house.