Boris korchevnikov shared details of the new work

Борис Корчевников поделился деталями новой работы In early may, the popular leader became the head of TV channel “Spas”. Apparently, Boris korchevnikov didn’t stop working even on weekends. Yesterday in Moscow brought the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. In this regard, Boris and his colleagues were live from the scene.

Recently Boris korchevnikov combines two works – the program is “live” and also runs an Orthodox channel “Spas”. During the conversation with journalists, the man said that it is still too early to talk about his new responsibilities. Korchevnikov noted that the first should await the outcome of its activities.

Boris korchevnikov learn in a new place

Sunday, may 21, in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Savior brought the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. For the first time in 930 years, the remains of the Archbishop of Myra in Lycia left the papal Basilica of the Italian city of Bari. Addressing the believers, Patriarch Kirill noted that this is a “truly unique event”. To join the Shrine was visited by several thousand people. On TV channel “Spas” carried a live broadcast of the ceremony.

In his microblog Boris korchevnikov told that his colleagues worked for several hours. In addition, the chair and the head of the Orthodox channel shared his emotions from the long awaited arrival of the relics in the Russian capital. In the video, posted by Koschevnikovi in social networks, you can see how the process work stream.

“For the second hour and until late in the evening live on TV channel “Spas”: meet the relics of St. Nicholas in Moscow. It is difficult to convey the feelings, when the ark was carried up the ladder”, he said.

Add that to the new appointment, Boris Korchevnikov was not a surprise to his fans. Those who have been following the activities of leading, know that he is a believer. So, in 2013, NTV, the film was released Korchevnikov “No way!”, dedicated to information attacks on the Church. At the time the picture caused a huge outcry.

As head of channel for believers, korchevnikov continues to lead the talk show “live” on the “Russia 1”. He wrote about this in one of my social networks. “Exactly four years ago this Studio was the start of my new life. Thanks to everyone who writes me warm on our program, anyone who looks and hurts along with us for amazing experiences that we live through. And will to live. “Live” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi is not closed. It’s a rumor. I’m not leaving…” – said the man in Instagram.

We will remind also that earlier media has published conflicting information about the presenter of the program “live”. In February of this year in a number of publications were published, which claimed that Boris Korchevnikov will replace Dmitry Shepelev. At the same time official representatives of the “Russia 1” have refrained from comments about the data, mussirovanie in the press.