Boris korchevnikov revealed the truth about the condition

Борис Корчевников раскрыл правду о состоянии здоровья The presenter spoke about medical examinations. A couple of years ago Boris korchevnikov had surgery to remove the tumor. Now, however, he ceased to visit doctors regularly, as he has little free time.

Two years ago during the program “live” TV presenter Boris korchevnikov admitted that he was diagnosed with a tumor. As it turned out, education was in my head is benign. However, the journalist was not able to avoid surgery. Boris korchevnikov told about the struggle with a brain tumor.

Not so long ago korchevnikov left the place leading talk show “live”. There were rumors that he was forced to stop work for health reasons. However, in may he was appointed head of the Orthodox TV channel “Spas”, and later took up a new project – the program “the Destiny of man”. Boris gave to understand that now is having some health problems, but not so serious to abandon the career.

“If you know what is emotional and physical, moral load of work on television, then you know that I would, in principle, this would not have done if I actually was sick. I have worked and all the glory to God. My health is not perfect after surgery, but there are stories much worse, and there is nothing in my body that I would be doing the disabled,” said korchevnikov.

Now journalist living a full life and rarely go to the doctor. He admitted that he does not appear on the surveys, as it did not bother. “Have not already passed. There is no such serious need. Dynamics and feeling good,” said the presenter.

Korchevnikov doesn’t deny that now it is a huge responsibility – he tries to do everything to implement the ideas and ideas on TV channel “Spas”. Boris remembered that for a long time doubted whether he was ready for such work. According to him, on reflection, took several months. The TV host realized that the control channel is time-consuming, and therefore left the program “live”. Now he is happy that he made the right decision.

“A huge responsibility. A very big challenge. Huge risks for me. And professional, and reputational. But all this pales in comparison with what happiness is to talk about God. To talk about what I honestly live” – confessed Boris in conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper “the Interlocutor”.