Boris korchevnikov returns on “Russia 1” with the author program

Борис Корчевников возвращается на «Россию 1″ с авторской программой

Leading Boris korchevnikov, which was previously hosted the program “live” returns to the screens of the TV channel “Russia 1” with the author program. Handing his place to Andrei Malakhov, the host will be back with the program “the Destiny of man”, for which the Internet has already recruited extras. Filming will take place near the metro station “Academic” on September 28 and 29.

Борис Корчевников возвращается на «Россию 1″ с авторской программой

It is reported that this program will be the author’s project lead. For extras was invited by the people of intelligent appearance, aged 20 to 60 years, dressed in smart, neat clothes.

On the screen there will be people with interesting lives. “Studio guests entertainment TV shows have become stars of the first magnitude”, is written in the announcement of the recruitment of extras.

In the network appeared the first trailer of the program, which was announced korchevnikov, thinking about fate. A man walks down the slope, coming closer to the cliff. The first edition of the program will be shown October 2 at 12 hours.

Борис Корчевников возвращается на «Россию 1″ с авторской программой

What korchevnikov returns on “Russia 1” knew it all, because for the first time he spoke about it on a special edition live broadcast with Andrei Malakhov in the framework of the festival “Man and faith”. Official representatives of the channel confirmed the information received news portal “StarHit”. Details about the plot of the program and star guests will be at a later date.

Meanwhile, all leading deeper in the faith. In may he was appointed General Director and producer of “Savior”. Approved to such a position of Boris the Patriarch Kirill.

In August, Boris said that he was leaving the program “live”, which was conducted in 2013. Care of the presenter, was shot special issue, in which he with Andrey Malakhov and talked about life. He shed light on the personal life and told how to cope with the role of Director of the Orthodox channel. In the same way, but told about the operation to remove the tumor, which was strenuous. “What happened to me, it’s not cancer. Not Oncology. Of course, there was a lot of hype on this subject. In the press, especially in recent days. A lot of lies” said Malakhov korchevnikov.

After a while, the presenter opened the presenter of the program “When all houses”Timur Kizyakov. He invited a film crew to his home and talked to the journalist with her mother. “This is my home, admits korchevnikov. – This small apartment in the center of Moscow convenient for me because everything is close, and I don’t drive the car. And I’m not going to move. Takes a lot of time work and all this fuss”. Now Boris lives with his mother Irina Leonidovna.