Boris korchevnikov ready to join the “fight” with Andrey Malakhov

Борис Корчевников готов вступить в «схватку» с Андреем Малаховым
The presenter has done the fans a big surprise.

Boris Korchevnikov


As it became known, Boris korchevnikov returns to the TV channel Russia-1. This summer, quite unexpectedly for the fans, the TV presenter left the project “live”. According to the version of the Boris, he was going to focus her energies on working on the TV channel “Spas”, whose Director General he became in may of this year. However, fans of Boris assumed that the care Korchevnikov was related to the fact that he was forced to “liberate” your post for Andrei Malakhov, who terminated his contract with channel one. In other words: there is a perception that korchevnikov left the project against their will…

Anyway, now Boris will star in his own show. “The destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov” promises viewers an interesting conversation with both stars and ordinary people. The program will bring up the subject of little-known autobiographical facts, but also feelings and emotions of the main characters in the most significant moments of their lives. According to the press service of the VGTRK, the participants of the first editions of the programme are: Laysan utiasheva, the former owner of a financial pyramid “the Lord” Valentina Soloveva and the widow of the film Director Yuri Lyubimov — Catalin.

Most interesting is that now the viewers will have the opportunity to observe a kind of “confrontation” Korchevnikov and Asia. The success of the program, as you know, depends on the ratings, and fans are sure Boris will be Andrew worthy competition and be able to compete with him for the title of “highest rated” TV program. However, whether this will be so only time will tell, and while the audience eagerly awaiting the premiere of own show Korchevnikov.