Boris korchevnikov openly talked about the disease and his dismissal

Борис Корчевников открыто заговорил о болезни и своем увольнении
The presenter shared his attitude to Andrey Malakhov.

Bore Korchevnikov

Photo: @b.Boris korchevnikov Instagram Korchevnikov

This summer in the life of Boris Korchevnikov happened a big change. TV presenter resigned as presenter of the program “live”, and in return gained her own talk show, “the Destiny of man”. The story of the Shuttle “the second button” Andrei Malakhov, who replaced Boris in “Live” during its existence has acquired a lot of rumors.

In late summer, when it was not known yet about the launch of the show “the Destiny of man”, the Network discussed the disease Korchevnikov where he had lost the ability to work. It was reported that after surgery to remove the tumor, Boris began to rapidly lose his hearing. Like, serious health problems became the reason for his dismissal. Fortunately, korchevnikov denied this information. He said that the disease is not threatening his life and does not require constant monitoring. He noted that the dynamics of his condition is good.

From the “Live” korchevnikov went for a completely different reason. In may of this year he was appointed to the post of head of the channel Saved. The presenter is not physically strong enough, and more. Boris said that to find the right solution helped him faith. Work replacing his Malakhov incidentally, he is very happy. “The best and submit nothing is impossible, because the program “live” a man came number one in this genre, and I knew that for me and for the team and for the project, and the RTR is the best thing that could happen!” — said Boris in an interview. By the way, korchevnikov refused to comment on the rumor that “methyl” Dmitry Shepelev and proposed to obtain information about it first hand.

Its author’s project Boris, by the way, happy no less. But the work on the Orthodox TV channel for him still stands in the first place. During the short reign Korchevnikov on TV already there was a little revolution. He introduced in the telecasts of some new gear, lets look at religion from a different angle. “That’s the main thing, maybe of my entire life. I just started it, but I understand that more complex and challenging in terms of professional, human, creative, spiritual choice – my life was not and hardly ever will be!” — quotes Korchevnikov