Boris korchevnikov left the channel “Russia-1”

Борис Корчевников ушел с канала «Россия-1»
The presenter will take the post of head of the TV channel “Spas”.

Boris Korchevnikov


34-year-old TV presenter Boris korchevnikov is leaving the talk show
“Live” on “Russia-1”. It turns out that he received an offer to lead
Orthodox channel “Spas”, and he accepted it. According to the current
General Director and producer of “spas” Boris Kostenko,
legal registration Korchevnikov on the channel will take place next week
but the decision on the appointment has been approved by the Patriarch.

Recall that the anchor position is on the program “Direct
ether” is Dmitriy Shepelev. Among the reasons why korchevnikov
is leaving the talk show, referred to as personal circumstances and health problems:
2015 presenter talked about his struggle with a brain tumor and that
went through a difficult surgery.

“I know how important it is, when I pray for you I know
as the necessary prayers. You know, because he was recently in this situation. Me too
was diagnosed “brain tumor”. Fortunately, it was benign,
has already been operated. However, still have the scar,” — said korchevnikov.