Boris korchevnikov leaves the “live”

Борис Корчевников внезапно покидает «Прямой эфир» Journalists report that Boris korchevnikov allegedly intends to suspend work in one of the most famous projects of the TV channel “Russia 1”. About it told sources in the television circles. Official comments from the showman has not yet been reported.

      Today, several media outlets have reported that the program of the channel “Russia 1” “live” supposedly leaves TV presenter Boris korchevnikov. It was alleged that he leaves the transfer for personal reasons, among which was called health problems. According to journalists, this will happen in the coming days.

      A source in the TV circles confirmed “StarHit” that the program really planned reshuffle, but the official statements of the representatives of the channel have not yet done. Apparently, in the near future there will be more information about the leading new issues “Live”.

      According to some publications, Boris Korchevnikov in all likelihood will be replaced by Dmitry Shepelev, who was the face of the First channel for several years. The two sides have yet to comment about the changes in television show on the channel “Russia 1”.

      Boris korchevnikov works in the program “live” from may 2013. The star of the show “kadetstvo” succeeded as a TV host Mikhail Zelensky.

      In an interview korchevnikov openly talked about his struggle with a brain tumor and that he had to undergo a serious operation. The news of his illness the star of the show “kadetstvo” did not hide from the public and told in the program, which he leads. Many viewers were shocked by the recognition Korchevnikov. “We’ve spent so much time arguing whether we should or should like to hide. And agreed on the fact that the benefits from what you say it openly, more than if you say something about this”, – said Boris.

      Recall that recently Dmitry Shepelev published the book “Jeanne”, dedicated to the struggle of his civil spouse with a serious illness. In his interview with the presenter talked about the fact that he wants to give example to all who suffer from cancer.

      “In this book I share the medical, psychological and sometimes household tips. And the second reason it was written – to keep a good memory of Jeanne. Speak up if there was trouble. Cancer is not equal to the word “death.” A scary diagnosis is not a reason to say goodbye to life, and a reason to fight for life and for their loved ones,” said Shepelev.