Boris korchevnikov heavily experienced the death of his father

Борис Корчевников тяжело пережил смерть отца
In one of the episodes of “live” discussed the relationship of parents and children.

Борис Корчевников тяжело пережил смерть отца

Boris korchevnikov not left behind and shared their memories.

The presenter told about the death of his father, who died in 2015.

Childhood Boris was held without the participation of the Pope, he met only at age 13.

But the young man was able to forgive the parent.

“My dad wasn’t living with me. It went wrong in relation to the mother. He left her when she was pregnant. It did not help, and in no way participated. I have enough reasons to consider it for anyone. And even to be offended and to hate him… I don’t know, maybe I put this is the mother, but for some reason I thought of it,” said Boris.

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