Boris korchevnikov first saw his brother

Борис Корчевников впервые увидел своего брата
Some time ago a well-known, leading Boris korchevnikov first met with his brother.

Борис Корчевников впервые увидел своего брата

The brothers found out about each other only a year ago and started to communicate.

Boris and brother Eugene have each other cousins on my father’s side.

“Grandpa dad we Zhenya one. This grandfather, apparently, was not an example of constancy and my dad, and Zhenya’s mother were born from different women… and my father then lived: strong families are not built. I generally recognized him in 13 years. And another of his child – her half sister – I have learned generally only when dad was dying. Now that Eugene was out. And he thought: how we will develop life? And what is this law of repetition is not only the best but also the mistakes of their parents?” – reported korchevnikov in Instagram.

Boris amazed at how they are with Evgeny similar to each other.

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