Boris korchevnikov explained the failures in your personal life

Борис Корчевников объяснил неудачи в личной жизни 10 September in the program “When all the houses” show interview with the famous TV presenter, invited Timur Kizâkova for a Cup of tea. Boris korchevnikov will tell about people, TV activities and share their plans for the future.
Борис Корчевников объяснил неудачи в личной жизни

On Sunday at 10.10 on the “Russia 1” will show the transfer of Timur Kizâkova “When all the houses”. The programme lead will go to visit famous people and converse with celebrities and their loved ones over a Cup of tea. “We talk with family, of course, about children, about parents, remember funny stories from our shared childhood, joking about ridiculous rumors, which are always surrounded by famous people”, – said in the announcement of the project.

The first guest of the program Kizâkova in the new television season will be Boris korchevnikov. The presenter, who headed the channel “Spas” and is preparing a new project for “Russia 1”, talk to peers about life and career. The program also starred the mother of Boris Korchevnikov Irina Leonidovna.

“We waited twenty-five years,” he admitted Kosakowo.

During the conversation with the leading “one” Boris also told about his personal life. The man found the strength to talk about previous Hobbies, which did not lead to the creation of a family. Their failures Boris explains that he grew up in a single-parent family. The father of the journalist has split with his mother when she was pregnant. Only years later korchevnikov began to communicate with the parent. However, Boris did not give up and believes that he will succeed to get married and have children.

“As a child I wandered the theatre, comes into the office and asked: “are Not you my father?” I have not had this example before my eyes, so I’m still not married. In my life there were relations, there were attempts several times to start a family, but it didn’t work out. It’s time to live with something most important”, – he said in the announcement of the transfer.

Recall that on 25 August Boris korchevnikov passed the post Andrei Malakhov, clicked on “Russia 1”. Channel showed the candid discussion leading. Talking with a colleague, korchevnikov raised the subject of his health. Journalist shared how moved the operation to remove a benign tumor. “It’s very rare they say it one hundred thousand. And it’s not the brain, that in mind. I had the surgery on the advice of doctors,” recalled a man.

Andrey Malakhov called Boris Korchevnikov on straight talk

In addition, well-known TV presenter told about his relationship with actress Anne-Cecile Sverdlovo, which for a long time considered his choice. As it turned out, they parted ways. “For me, and it is written in a different scenario,” said korchevnikov.