Boris korchevnikov continues to “Live”

Борис Корчевников продолжает работу в «Прямом эфире» Showman does not stop the shooting, the new releases of the project. The representative of TV channel has refused to comment on the rumors, which appeared online in early February. He also noted that currently, the leading program remains Boris korchevnikov, without going into details.

      Борис Корчевников продолжает работу в «Прямом эфире»

      Day after day, the media actively rumors about the upcoming changes in the program “live”, which supposedly will happen in March of this year. Official representatives of the TV channel for a long time did not comment on this information. But today in the Internet appeared the evidence that Boris korchevnikov will remain as the host of the TV show channel “Russia 1”. The reporters cite a source from the company VGTRK, which questioned earlier news.

      Boris korchevnikov leaves the “live”

      “StarHit” contacted the representative channel to learn more about the events. It is not denied, but not confirmed data on the Network. From the wording of the employee VGTRK it is clear that at the moment the releases are written with a leading capital of Koschevnikovi. Other details concerning, in particular, possible changes to the transmission format, he preferred not to discuss. The man also said it does not comment on rumors.

      “Why Boris korchevnikov needs to go somewhere?.. He is and will be. Currently we are making a programme with the YouTube Korchevnikov”, – said the representative of the channel.

      The correspondent of the “StarHit” also got in touch with Dmitry Shepelev, who refused to comment. Formerly a leading has announced a new release of the program “live” with his participation.

      As for Boris Korchevnikov, at the moment he continues to work on the filming of the program “live”. “StarHit” got through to the lead when he was in a hurry to record new editions of the TV show. Showman chose not to comment on the situation.

      Due to the fact that no official comments on possible changes to the program or its personnel have been reported, viewers can only guess about what is happening. Perhaps, the project will has two major, and maybe he will be the producer in the face of one of the famous entertainers.

      Recall, a similar situation occurred last spring when Elena left the Flying project “Revizorro”. Fans of the charismatic blonde was shocked by the news about her departure, and organized a campaign in support of the celebrity. Volatile later became the producer of the program, and after some time returned to the position of presenter of TV channel “Friday!”.