Boris Grim wants to reconnect with his brother

Борис Грим хочет возобновить общение с братом
Former members of the popular group “Brothers Grimm” the brothers Boris and Konstantin Burdaeva for several years not communicating with each other.

Борис Грим хочет возобновить общение с братом

The relationship between the brothers deteriorated until 8 years ago. On the same day the musicians celebrated 36th anniversary, and Boris wrote in a touching Instagram post, expressing hope for reconciliation with his brother.

Борис Грим хочет возобновить общение с братом

“It turned out that this year’s birthday has stretched for four days from the official date before the official holiday. Whether I, or karmic knots came undone, but the situation was interesting… And in this post I especially want to thank and congratulate parents, they’re the best in the world! And, of course, his brother. I hope that sanity will prevail and mythical grudges go. After all, this life is fleeting, and it has the meaning of only love, everything else is just a Mirage… our birthday!” – turned to his Boris.

I hope that Constantine will go to meet his brother, and the interactions between them will resume.

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