Boris Grim turned to his brother after years of conflict

Борис Грим обратился к брату после многолетнего конфликта Musician wants to reconnect with a relative, with whom he did not speak for a long time. A serious spat between Boris and Konstantin Burgevine occurred in 2009. Since then, the artists distanced themselves from each other.
Борис Грим обратился к брату после многолетнего конфликта

Former lead singer of “the Brothers Grimm” – the twins, Constantine and Boris Burdaeva – can’t establish a relationship for a long time. Musicians once performed the hits “Eyelashes”, “Kusturica” and the “Heart” of a fight back in 2009. 6 Jun relatives celebrated his birthday – they turned 36 years old. On this occasion, Boris has published a touching post on Twitter in which he thanked the parents and expressed hope for reconciliation with Constantine. Your post man is accompanied by archival children’s photography.

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“It turned out that this year’s birthday has stretched for four days from the official date before the official holiday. Whether I, or karmic knots came undone, but the situation was interesting… And in this post I especially want to thank and congratulate parents, they’re the best in the world! And, of course, his brother. I hope that sanity will prevail and mythical grudges go. After all, this life is fleeting, and it has the meaning of only love, everything else is just a Mirage… our birthday!” – said Boris in his microblog.

The fans congratulated him and wished him all the best. According to them, Boris and Konstantin will again find a common language. “Happy birthday! You less reason for quarrels and insults”, “You definitely need to make up! And just to take a picture”, “Sooner or later you will succeed”, “What a strong post, I Hope that brotherly love will prevail” – they wrote in the comments to the publication.

The official community of “Brothers Grim” in “Vkontakte” mother of Boris and Konstantin commented on the publication of his son. “Thank you very much! Actually, it is, and the only thing that matters in this world is our unconditional love – written by Olga Burdaeva. We come into this world with our inner baggage and go with him, leaving only love. So we live in light and love! We are all learning to live, learning to love. No enemies, no friends, but every person you meet is a teacher”.

Борис Грим обратился к брату после многолетнего конфликта

We will add that earlier Boris Burdaev gave a Frank interview in which he told about his difficult relationship with his brother Constantin. The man believes that they need to stop being offended at each other. Boris is ready to reconcile with a relative. The musician also publicly appealed for a loved one.

“Kostya, we have parents, they are now 60 years old, is the Golden years. I hardly agree, I my talent will never forgive, but we have parents. I want them to be happy, think about it,” said Bugaev.